We consult, but more importantly we coach your business.

Let`s work together.

At Pegasus HSE, we pride ourselves on offering a coaching service that focus's on our client`s most critical Health, Safety and Environmental needs and opportunities.


-Risk Management

-Health, Safety and Environmental Strategy

-Safety Audits and Inspections

-Health, Safety and Environmental Management Systems

-Enforcement Liaison

-Fire Risk Assessment

-COSHH Evaluation and Assessment

-OHSAS Auditing, Guidance and Compliance

-Transport Risk Assessment

-Legal Compliance

-Accident investigation

-Yearly support contracts

-Legal Claims advice and Investigation review

-Contractor Management

-Policies, Procedures, Health and Safety documentation

 -OHSAS 18001 standards Audit




Services to Education.

Pegasus HSE has been partners with local education for over two years in the Greater Manchester area and are fully vetted.


We want to support you by giving you the confidence to place your young people in fantastic, appropriate and responsible work placements.


Pegasus HSE works with businesses to ensure that they meet the Health and Safety standards expected to protect your pupils during placement, and specialises in supporting children with special educational requirements.


Let us help you:


-Place young people into the workplace.

-Support your business with practical advice for the individuals needs.

-Conduct placement follow up visits.

-Guidance on expected standards of Health, Safety and welfare during OFSTED visits

-Young persons risk assessment


Services to Care Homes.


Pegasus aims to give you the best solutions to assist you safeguarding you residents.

We will ensure that you are fully legally compliant and offer the best possible advice to help you protect your business and your residents.


We want to help you:

 - Safety Inspections.

 - Practical advice on Health and Safety within your premises.

 - Accident reduction programmes, specialising in the reduction of    Slips, Trips and Falls.

 - Risk Assessment.

 - Safety Audits.

 - First Aid Risk Assessment

 - Fire Risk Assessment.


What ever your requirements we want to help you achieve them!